Nikki Haley, Former Governor of South Carolina, Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson in a wide ranging interview. Guy and Ambassador Haley talked about the U.S Middle East peace deals, racial unrest and President Trump's SCOUTS nominee. Ambassador Haley commented on what it was like to be at the White House for the signing of the Abraham Accords. Saying,

"I'm just so proud guy. I mean, truly, being at the White House and watching that happen was historic. But for me, it was personal because, you know, in my first year at the U.N., it was brutal, you know, to see how all of the countries treated Israel was brutal. But I felt like it was our job as their number one best friend to have their back, but also to fight for truth."

Plus, Ambassador Haley offered her advice to the forthcoming female Supreme Court Nominee. Saying,

"Keep your back up, stand strong, you deserve to be in this moment and you deserve to have this position, fight for it."

Listen To The Full Interview Below: