Chris Christie, Former Governor of New Jersey spoke to Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the first Presidential debate between President Trump and former VP Biden. Christie commented on Joe Biden's campaign strategy of avoiding the press and limited campaign events. Saying,

"It's a smart strategy for them right now. And I think up till now it's been a smart strategy. They're winning guy. By any measure of looking at polling, you can argue about the accuracy in terms of of of the amount of there, their margin of lead. But there's no doubt that right now the Biden campaign is ahead in many of the key states. And so they're doing what they think is been successful for them."

Christie also weighed in on the significance of the debates for Biden. Saying,

"If he does not perform well in these debates, it's going to be very hard to gin up a candidate to be working every day thereafter to try to come back from that hurdle. And I mean, Vice President Biden is just not ready, by training this year for the pace that the last 20, 25 days would need to be if he did not perform well in these debates and needed to try to make a comeback from that. So I think it's risky. It's putting let me tell you this it's putting all their chips into the center of the table for these debates. And if I were a Democrat, I'd be petrified of that."

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