Rep. Jim Jordan: Democrats Won’t Condemn “Ridiculous And Wrong Behavior”

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) discussed why he introduced a resolution in Congress for all members to condemn the violence and looting happening in major cities across the country.

“Imagine that, actually people who burn buildings, people who loot, people who destroy private property, people who take away other individuals’ private property and therefore their livelihood because they can’t run their small business, actually holding them accountable. Imagine that? And this goes back to this, and this is a fundamental issue, eight weeks ago, the Attorney General of the United States testified in front of Congress, in our committee, and he point blank asked Jerry Nadler and the Democrats, why won’t you all condemn the violence and speak out against the mob? And guess what he got from them? Complete silence. And until yesterday, we hadn’t heard anything, frankly, from any Democrat. Yesterday, the Speaker finally said something kind of like condemning what was going on there on the House floor. This is a focus on what I think, again, most Americans see as as ridiculous and wrong behavior. And no one willing to hold them to account.”