On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) gives his prediction on when the 2020 election will finally have a result and explains why he thinks Nancy Pelosi took so long to condemn the riots and violence happening across the country.

"I think we're pushing probably Thanksgiving. Don't forget that when you had the Bush-Gore debacle, that was early December when that rolled out and rolled up. The Democrats in Arizona and other places where I'm going and talking to people, they're content to make this the biggest, messiest election ever and drag it out and drag it out, drag out the count."

"The poll numbers on that are so bad for the Democrats because they've remained silent. They've not said anything. In fact, they're still showing the CNN clip where the guy says these are mostly peaceful protests as the place is burning down behind him. So finally, enough pressure has been put on Pelosi, where she's at least had to say that because it's it's hurting them politically. And that's the thing to understand. She is a political animal. Nothing she says is from the heart. I would suspect everything's coming out for political objectives."