On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) explained why he and other members of the Freedom Caucus are calling for Nancy Pelosi to resign from being Speaker of the House.

"Nancy Pelosi is the third most powerful lady in the country. She's third most powerful person in the country behind the President. Look what she's done aside from calling us enemies of the state. She's not disavowed what's happening with the law enforcement that's being killed. She is an insult. And all we're doing is due to her lack of leadership, you mentioned the coronavirus, and her poisoning any hope of that, let's vote on it. And now I understand that it's going to be tabled if we if our caucus votes to put it on the floor, it'll be tabled. But make them take a vote. We've voted twenty-two days since the shutdown in March. The American people deserve better. And this is just one way of say we're fighting. And is it going anywhere? Probably not. But we're not going to sit here and let her continue to make these crazy, outlandish, worthless resolutions."