On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Medical Contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier discussed by having mixed messages from President Trump and the CDC are not helping to reach the goal of a coronavirus vaccine.

"I wish we would stop making public statements because all it does is open it up to scrutiny. Let me break this down for you, because on one hand, you have President Trump saying the vaccine is going me most ideal and you have Redford still saying masks are better. Here's the bottom line. For a vaccine to be FDA approved, it has to be about 50% effective, meaning it has to work on 50% of the people. And by the way, that's really good for a vaccine, that's acceptable with the flu vaccine. So when they say masks may be better than a vaccine, if you wear a mask appropriately, it's going to protected from the virus more than 50% of the time, assuming you're doing all the proper mask wearing and hand washing. Maybe that's what he was saying there, because the vaccine, while it is necessary to the to reach that herd immunity that we're so looking for, it is not going to be an immediate cure. It doesn't mean that immediately you have a vaccine. We already know not every American is going to get it, whether they're not able to get it or they don't want to get it. And of the people that get it, it's not going to work in all of them. And so we have to be doing other things too, not just waiting for that vaccine. And I think that was the message that he was trying to get across. But for some reason, the messaging keep getting messed up. And I just really wish they might temper it down and stop talking."