(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Jonathan Swan, National Political Reporter for Axios, spoke with Brian Kilmeade about his recent interview with President Trump and compared it to riding a bronco because of how the President goes off in so many different directions. When it comes to the President's response to questions on his administration's response to the coronavirus, Swan said he does not question the President's motivation in speaking positively on his response to the pandemic but believes it is legitimate to critique him constantly telling the public the pandemic is under control. Swan believes Trump underestimates how many Americans take his assurances that the coronavirus is not as bad as the media is saying and leads them to feel more confident about socializing and not wearing a mask. When asked if Joe Biden will have a sit down interview with him, Swan said he hopes so and they are putting in a request for an interview. Swan believes it is very important that when you run for public office in you submit yourself to tough but fair questioning.