On Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla, V.A. Secretary Robert Wilkie explained why President Trump has done more for America's veterans than any other elected official, and gave an example of why the V.A. is during better now than under President Obama.

"This is not the scandal plagued V.A. of the Obama Administration and I certainly don't mind saying that. I will shout that from the rooftops. And this President, as I said yesterday in the White House, you can't find another president in American history who first as a candidate, and then as a president, put veterans at front and center. And the proof is there."

"In a normal month, we have 40,000 mental health tele-encounters. In the month of April, we had over 900,000. This allows veterans to talk to us without the pressure of going into a large clinical setting, without the pressure on their families to get them hundreds of miles to a V.A. center. So it is an all encompassing thing and it's about time."