Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, all 50 states have now started to  reopen in some capacity. But while you would think the easing of the coronavirus lockdown would bring us together this holiday weekend, the country is growing more divided on the issues of masks and how quickly we should be returning to normal. Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace discusses the political fight over reopening and also weighs in on the 2020 race.

Country star John Rich can't tour thanks to the Coronavirus, but he has reopened his Nashville bar after it was closed for weeks. However, unlike many establishments across the country, he is not requiring his customers to wear a mask. Rich explains why he's not happy with some of the ongoing lockdown restrictions and he thinks it's time the government trusts the American people.

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Plus, commentary by co-host of  "FOX and Friends" and the host of "The Brian Kilmeade Show," Brian Kilmeade.