Dr. Drew Pinsky called in to the Brian Kilmeade Show and expressed great concern about the impact of continued lockdowns on Americans' mental health.

"Right now, I am telling you, we are seeing a very serious mental health uptick," he said.

Dr. Drew is particularly concerned about how the lockdowns are affecting the mental health of young people, saying, "If you continue to stress these young people out we are going to sacrifice an entire generation. They need their lives back."

"What I'm seeing and what the parents are telling me, the population that's having the most serious reaction are the late childhood and early adolescents. They are really, really in trouble," he added.

Pinsky also railed against the media for their "offensive" attempt to dictate to healthcare providers how they should be using, or not using, hydroxychloroquine.

"I've never seen [hydroxychloroquine] have a side effect. And this is a chemical that the talk show hosts and the press just learned how to pronounce two weeks ago, and now they're experts and telling us how to use it?" he said. "It is the most offensive, offensive move I have ever seen. They are literally telling physicians how to practice."

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