On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Professor Brian Brenberg explained why governors and other politicians need to be more like cheerleaders than trying to scold the American people during the coronavirus crisis.

"You feel like governors and mayors have been kind of scolding people and telling them, you got to stay and you got to listen to the health health experts. If you catch somebody doing the wrong thing, you get a picture on social media and they become the bad guy. And I think smart governors and smart local leaders are the ones who are saying people got to get back to work. We cannot keep throwing money at this problem. And so instead trying to force them to stay home, we're going to try to help them think about the best ways to come back. If you're going to come back, do this, do that, use these resources, make sure that you're practicing the distancing. But at some point, politicians have to become more cheerleaders for America making a comeback than people putting on the brakes because at some point you're going to get this antagonism between political leaders and people in business that is actually going to be the thing that causes a recovery to slow down and to stall and nobody wants that."