On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Trump 2020 Campaign Senior Adviser Lara Trump said that women should be "offended" that Joe Biden is only considering a woman to be his Vice President, and said that what Michael Flynn, as well as the Trump family and campaign as a whole, has been accused of in the Russian investigation is "a bunch of garbage."

"He's pandered to an epic level, and of course said that it has to be a woman, which every woman in this country I think should be offended by. And that's the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard. You know what I'd love to know. It seems like Kamala Harris has been running for V.P. since she was still kind of in the running to be president. The governor of Michigan has seemed to be running for that spot as well. You know, it's anybody's guess. We do know it's a woman, though. And so, again, the Democrat pandering knows no limits. They're willing to do anything for your vote. They don't want the best person for the job. They just want to make sure that they check all the boxes."

"We do know is that there were really egregious acts on the part of the FBI, things that should never happen in the United States of America, because these people thought that they knew better than every voter in this country, the people that voted Donald Trump into office. Your vote doesn't count because these people decided they know better than you. They had the backup plan with Russia collusion. They threw Michael Flynn, who served our country, under the bus. This poor guy lost everything he had. And for what? Because these people thought that they were above the law. So they should absolutely be held accountable. And I think as more information comes out, we're gonna get all the details hopefully soon. I think everybody deserves to know what happened with this. They've been saying that the Trump campaign, that the President, that our family, that we've all done something wrong, that we are all in cahoots with the Russians. Are you kidding me? This was the biggest hoax. What a bunch of garbage this has been."