Veteran suicide rates remain alarmingly high despite years of bipartisan reform. Earlier this year, the Vice Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Hyten said point blank: "we are failing our veterans" and the number of suicides is going in the wrong direction.

Earlier this week Staff Sergeant Johnny "Joey" Jones, who is a double amputee, a marine veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and a Fox News Contributor joined the FOX News Rundown to talk with host Jessica Rosenthal about how we can combat the veteran suicide epidemic in this country, and discusses some of the common misconceptions about veterans.

Jones says, the same things that leads your average person down a troubled path in the civilian world are the same things impacting veterans who may also recently served in a war zone.

It was a very honest and insightful conversation, but had to be cut down for time, so today you get to hear the full interview.

On The FOX News Rundown Extra Johnny "Joey" Jones discusses the steps the military can take to help veterans adapt to civilian life after serving, the criticism of Veteran Affairs and how the VA addresses mental health.