The poem The Night Before Christmas‘, by Clement Clarke Moor, is one of the most read, most published and most memorized books of all Christmas literature. So say reports about its popularity. Although a runaway best seller, the children’s narrative that talks of a visit from St. Nicholas, has little to do with explaining the birth of Jesus, which is what many Christians are quick to say is, the “reason for the season”.¬† Enter journalist and theologian Dr. Thomas Williams, a former priest, but still a devout Catholic, who’s written a religious version of the Night Before Christmas. It’s called “The First Christmas“. And it has all of the lilting and innocent narration of its more secular counterpart. It begins, “Long, long ago in a land we call holy… Was born a great King, In a manner most lowly.” ¬†However, Williams is not confined to writing Children’s books. He’s also hard at work covering the Vatican for Breitbart. And on this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, we talk about his not too hidden criticisms of Pope Francis. Here’s a programming note: you might consider pairing this podcast with an earlier one with Austen Ivereigh, a much more pro Francis Vatican watcher. But stay tuned to the very end, when Dr. Williams reads from beginning to end, “The First Christmas.” It may just become a Christmas classic.