Accusations of racism are embroiling the Democrat party in Virginia. FOX’s Chad Pergram explains in today’s “Speaker’s Lobby.”

Iím Chad Pergram with the Speakerís Lobby.

Want to talk about President Trump and race?

Republican Iowa Congressman Steve King?

Democratic Virginia Governor Ralph Northam?

Democratic Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring?

Democrats have long enjoyed a better standing at the polls when it comes to minorities and most ethnic groups.

So itís easy politics for Democrats to go to the mat when President Trump or Steve King says things which are controversial.

Itís another when there are issues with Ralph Northam.

By the same token, Republicans see the electoral-demographic Armageddon which awaits them at the ballot box in the coming years.

Republicans must make inroads with minority voters.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy came out swinging last month about King.

Democrats endeavor to contrast themselves with President Trump and King and some of the things theyíve said about race.

But storm clouds engulfing Northam hamstring Democrats when they attempt to portray themselves as progressive on race issues and more aligned with minority voters.

Both parties often revel in schadenfreude when a figure of the opposite party commits a major gaffe or utters something flat-out offensive.

But neither side is truly absolved from these transgressions.

And try as they might, neither party can claim a higher moral ground in these debates.

With the Speakerís Lobby, Chad Pergram. Fox News.