In his new book, “Let Me Finish!”, Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie discusses his controversial time in office, running for President in 2016 and why he was abruptly fired from Trump’s transition team.

On Tuesday’s show, Christie sat down with Tom and described his nasty feud with some of Trump’s ‘chaotic’ inner circle and why unlike his many of his Republican colleagues, he never became a “never Trumper”.

Christie also reacted Donald Trump’s latest legal problems including his inaugural committee being subpoenaed. When pressed by Shillue, The former federal prosecutor went on to say that some prosecutors are abusing their power:

Tom Shillue: This Southern District New York it’s a real thorn in his side. Now they’re going after the inauguration. Why can they do this. I’m just wondering how you know we had the thing with Paula Jones and then they finally decided OK you can proceed with that. But in most cases when prosecutors are going after a sitting president they make him wait. Right. Why is the Southern District getting everything they want as far as kicking down the doors of the president’s lawyer. And in this current case you’ve been speaking about what’s the latest on the southern district?

Chris Christie: Well some district in New York has just filed issued subpoenas to the inauguration committee basically from what I can tell from looking at the subpoena asking for every piece of paper from the inauguration and they’re going to get it. I think they will get most of it. And remember they got a tour guide Rick Gates Paul Manafort its old partner. Yeah was the executive director of the inauguration. He’s not cooperating with the Southern District of New York yet. So a lot of the things they’re asking for I am sure they’ve been pointed to by Rick Gates who’s attempted to get himself a better deal and a shorter prison sentence.

Tom Shillue: But Governor everything is coming. I assume you talk about this all the time. It’s all coming from the Hillary Clinton campaign. The whole thing when they talk about the fruit of the poisoned tree the poison tree came from the Clinton campaign fusion GPS. Then they start the investigation. That’s what started the Russia. Everything came from opposition research. To me there’s got to be somebody up there on a bench saying it you’re out there throwing the whole thing out.

Chris Christie: Well I’ll tell you this. This is where Attorney General Sessions let everybody down because not only did he recuse himself and allow Bob Mueller to be appointed but also he didn’t look into any of that stuff. Not as far as we can tell why didn’t he. I don’t know. You’d have to get Jeff Sessions on the Lou’s show and ask him.

Tom Shillue: We got 60 seconds. Yeah you were one of them. Do prosecutors have too much power. I say it into this microphone on a daily basis.

Chris Christie: Listen prosecutors have too much power if you have irresponsible prosecutors. I used to say to my prosecutors two things all the time. One was that our job was to make sure that justice was done without the Department of prosecution or the Department of Justice. And secondly that I would never authorize a search warrant against a political or public figure until I felt I had enough evidence to convict them already. Because you can never put that toothpaste back in the tube and you ruin people’s reputations. I wish more prosecutors thought that way because they do have enough power to ruin someone’s life and sometimes not necessarily. I’d love the Justice Department but you’ve got to have the right people in charge if you don’t it’s a very very dangerous weapon.