Now that a record 35 day government shutdown is over, Congress has less than three weeks to come up with a new bill on border security. FOX’s Chad Pergram with today’s “The Speaker’s Lobby.”

I’m Chad Pergram with the Speaker’s Lobby.

What caused the tipping point to force a re-opening of the government?

The two failed procedural Senate votes on a GOP and a Democratic spending plan.

FOX is told that the White House was watching closely to see how many Republicans defected and voted for the Democratic package.

One source noted that the administration didn’t read too much into the yea vote for the Democratic plan by Republican Utah Senator Mitt Romney, as he is perceived to be “an irritant.”

However, one source tells FOX “it was almost a jailbreak.”

Six Republicans crossed party lines to vote the Democratic plan.

“(President Trump) will take short-term pain from the right-wing,” predicted one Republican source. “But he will be judged on the final product.”

So, does the government again shut down again in three weeks?

Consider one of the favorite expressions of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “There is no education in the second kick of a mule.”

By the same token, one Republican told FOX that if Democrats offer zero dollars for the wall at the beginning of talks and zero dollars at the end it’s not a negotiation.

With the Speaker’s Lobby, Chad Pergram. Fox News.