There is still no deal to keep the government open. Fox’s Chad Pergram has more in today’s “Speaker’s Lobby.”

Iím Chad Pergram with the Speakerís Lobby.

House and Senate Democrats rejected a potential plan to fund the government and provide funding for the Presidentís border wall.

And as a result, lawmakers from both sides say the only way to avoid a government shutdown Saturday morning may be to approve a short-term spending bill to get things into January or February.

A measure would re-up all funding of the outstanding seven spending bills at the current level.

It would also punt the issue over to a new, Democratically-controlled House in January.

So why not fight over a wall?

Many Republicans fear they will be blamed for a shutdown even though the President took credit for a shutdown last week.

So, an interim spending measure could be the final option.

The outcome of this impasse will be determined by the most-influential people in Washington.

No, not the lawmakers but their spouses who want everyone home for holidays.

With the Speakerís Lobby. Chad Pergram. Fox News.