There may be another government shutdown. FOX’s Chad Pergram has more in today’s “Speaker’s Lobby.”

Iím Chad Pergram with the Speakerís Lobby.

Itís been surprisingly quiet on Capitol Hill the past few days.

Especially with the prospect of a partial government shutdown looming this weekend.

Itís peculiar to have everyone tip-toeing around Capitol Hill with Washington about to lurch into a holiday calamity.

Perhaps there is only one logical explanation: everyone is concerned about disturbing the Yellies.

The Yellies are a new toy taking Christmas by storm and driving parents to their liquor cabinets. The Yellies are tiny, fuzzy arachnids. If people talk quietly, the Yellies move about slowly. But the louder people are, the faster they go.

Kids love yelling and screaming, sending grown-ups into convulsions as the Yellies dart about the house, hitting Mach 2.

Most fear a government shutdown except President Trump.

And so since last weekís extraordinary conclave at the White House everyoneís keeping quiet.

Congress may try to jam the President with a take it or leave it bill to fund the government for a few weeks just before the deadline.

An effort to force Mr. Trump to take-it-or-leave it, whatever the ďitĒ may ultimately be.

And thatís partly why things are so quiet now on Capitol Hill. No one wants to disturb the Yellies.

With the Speakerís Lobby, Chad Pergram. Fox News.