Lawmakers may be working on Christmas. Fox’s Chad Pergram explains in today’s “Speaker’s Lobby.”

I’m Chad Pergram with the Speaker’s Lobby.

A casual Congressional observer might mistake Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for getting a little sappy at Christmastime.

In the past few days, McConnell’s declared he’s quote, “Hoping for a Christmas miracle.” And saying “Magic things happen at Christmas.”

McConnell’s statements may rate with with the lyrical intonations of Irving Berlin, conjuring up Hallmark-worthy Christmas specials.

Titles like Christmas in Washington, A Capitol Christmas, Christmas on Capitol Hill.

But before anyone thinks this is like a picture print by Currier and Ives, know that McConnell has a bleak forecast for the Yuletide season.

McConnell is warning senators should be prepared to work at the Capitol, between Christmas and New Year’s.

A top McConnell aide told the press corps “don’t buy any non-refundable tickets for travel this month.”

And you thought only the Grinch had a heart that was two sizes too small.

With the Speaker’s Lobby, Chad Pergram. Fox News