FOX’s Chad Pergram talks about fight for a border wall on today’s “Speaker’s Lobby”:

I’m Chad Pergram with the Speaker’s Lobby.

Democratic votes in both the House and Senate are the linchpin to averting a shutdown over President Trump’s push for a border wall.

60 votes are required in the Senate to overcome a filibuster. And, at least for the next two weeks, Republicans only have 51 members.

The vote mix is even more jumbled in the House. House Republicans this summer defeated legislation twice to fully fund the border wall. As the wall fight looms, House Republicans, still in the majority for now, lack the votes on their side to pass a bill with border funding or legislation without wall money.

That means the GOP must lean on Democrats for help.

Senate Democrats seem amenable to some wall money.

But this path is perilous for Nancy Pelosi, as she tries to nail down the final votes necessary to become Speaker in January. A government shutdown which bleeds into the new year is the worst possible scenario for Pelosi. It would hamstring Democrats from launching their 2019 agenda.

Just Monday, US Capitol Police arrested 138 liberal demonstrators..many who squatted in Pelosi’s office over climate change.

That’s why a short skirmish with the President over the wall, could show left-wing Democrats, that she’s serious.

Pelosi says she won’t even accept a permanent DACA fix in exchange for some wall funding.

With the Speaker’s Lobby, Chad Pergram, FOX News.

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