I’m Ashley Dvorkin with a FOX Celebrity Profile on cast members from ‘Gotham’ as we get a sneak peek at the final season.

Robin Lord Taylor shares where things pick up for Penguin:

(Taylor): “The city has been cut off from the rest of the world, there’s a power vacuum and this is like, that’s Oswald’s time to shine.”

Showrunner John Stephens reveals a major villain joins in:

 (Stephens): “Bane, who comes in for a big arc played by Shane West.”

And get this, there will be a look into the future as the last episode jumps 10 years ahead:

(Stephens): “And we’ll see all of our characters come to their final places where they would be when Batman would arrive.”

They’ve always said the show will end with Bruce becoming Batman, so as for that big reveal, Sean Pertwee gave us some scoop:

(Pertwee): “I’m very much sort of the gatekeeper as in the history, the mythos, I’m there running the manor and I’m there in the cave, doing the thing.”

So while it’s sad to say goodbye, Riddler, Cory Michael Smith adds that they’re glad to give closure:

(Smith): “The fact that we get to properly end this thing that we all cherish so much we’re lucky.”

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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