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Democrats in America are so troubled by Trumps 'tough talk' to our allies at the NATO summit, they are questioning what side our President is working for. Trump's critics think his actions against Germany and his hopeful meeting with Putin is 'shaking the institutions' of America.

On Thursday's show, Tom called out the hypocrisy in this, saying that the Democrats accusations of the President colluding with Russia is what is really shaking our country.

During his testimony before Congress on Thursday, controversial F.B.I. deputy assistant director Peter Strzok was asked about the Russian-Trump conspiracy and suggested questioning his crediblity was a "victory notch in Putin's belt".

The real "collusion", according to Tom Shillue, is the Democrats effort to create hysteria over Russia. The left is trying to convince Americans our President's decisions are controlled by Russia. Tom believes that this lack of patriotism makes our nation look foolish