Greetings Rich is NOT a Four Letter Word podcast fans! This week, we’re doing things a little bit differently. If you follow me on Facebook or twitter, you know that I haven’t been shy about sharing the story of my struggle with breast cancer. Two years ago, I was shocked when I was diagnosed with stage three Lobular cancer. For the nine months that followed battling that disease would be my life’s focus.

I’ve heard from many of you who have friends or family in treatment and from many who have beat the disease – I dedicate this podcast to YOU. You can’t have any idea how much your support through those nine months meant to me. Just hearing about other people’s success stories inspired me to fight on. And, ultimately, I began to learn so much more about myself and others. Cancer taught me to be more open, to appreciate all that I have. Life’s gifts come in surprising packages and cancer, for me, was one.

This month, the people at Komen Greater New York gave me their Impact Award at a luncheon in New York – a gift that bowled me over. The Susan G. Komen Foudnation has raised a total of three billion dollars to find a cure for breast cancer and to help women to get diagnosed and fight the disease.

In this podcast, I’m sharing the speech I delivered. First you’ll hear me thank Fox for standing by me during my treatment and recovery. And, then I tell my story of battling the disease. Listen.

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If you have an idea for the regular money-focused podcast, then tell me. We will get it on! Have a great day and remember, Rich is NOT a Four Letter Word!