Fox and Friend’s Ainsley Earhardt is not just a talented journalist; she’s also not afraid to talk about her faith in public. In her new book, “The Light Within Me,” Ainsley details her journey as a Christian and how faith plays a significant role in her life on air and off. The story starts in South Carolina where she grew up and documents how her successes have been shaped by family and faith. Ainsley shared with me her attitudes about that faith, but also about money, debt and financial success. For me, it was Ainsley’s grace and persistence that most stood out as she sought to climb the television career ladder while maintaining her personal integrity.

Here are the takeaways

  1. Ainsley describes the very moment that she decided she would become a more devout Christian. As she says, “I met Jesus at a fraternity party.” While she doesn’t want to force her religion on listeners, she says, she does want to share the story of her own journey.
  2. Growing up in South Carolina, Ainsley’s best example on how to manage her life and her money came from her father, who taught her by example by making double payments on the mortgage, paying cash for cars and by rarely using his credit card.
  3. Keeping debt at bay proved difficult when she came to New York to work for Fox. Facing higher living costs and legal fees from a divorce, Ainsley’s debts mounted. Her credit card bill totaled $20,000. By following a strict plan to pay down that debt, she got rid of that burden in just three years.
  4. Now, Ainsley is pondering how to raise a money-responsible child. Her daughter, Hayden, she says, will be discouraged from stressing about money, but will have a choice: enroll in sports or get a job.

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