I’m Ashley Dvorkin with a FOX Celebrity Profile on Cameron Monaghan as things wrap up on Season 4 of ‘Gotham’ and as his joker persona is revealed through the plot twist of twin brothers!

(Monaghan) “We wanted to sort of mess with the concept of identity a little bit with the Joker.”

He adds they wanted to update the concept:

(Monaghan) “76 years ago however long it was when the Joker was created, the idea of a young angry man who feels like he’s been slighted by the world and is destroying things and bombing things and causing destruction and chaos that had different connotations than it does now that feels a lot more familiar to audiences. And I think we wanted to update the idea that radical ideology can spread fast. That kind of destruction can inspire other people and that’s scary.”

And coming up next, one of the biggest changes on the show:

(Monaghan) “… in the sense that as dark or as violent as the show has been before it is usually in an irreverent sort of self aware kind of way but with these episodes we’re seeing real stakes.”

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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