Watching the stock market and wondering if it’s time for a plunge into the world of equities? Before you make the leap, you’ll want to listen to Charles Payne, FBN’s host of Making Money, and one of the most knowledgeable people I know about the stock market.

Charles has committed himself to understanding the underlying trends that motivate professional investors and developed his own methodology for vetting stocks that he shares in this podcast. Want to know what sectors interest Charles? Or, how he analyzes the earnings potential for stocks? Or even what he’s buying right now? Listen to this podcast! This is the primer you’ll wish you had always had!

Here are a handful of the many takeaways:

  1. Before you start looking at individual stocks, spend some time researching the macroeconomic environment. Where is money being made? What kinds of products are getting traction?
  2. Charles likes the goods-producing sector. Companies he talks about in this podcast include Caterpillar, Boeing, but also retailers like Costco, T.J.Maxx and, of course, Amazon. The key, he says, is finding companies with the ability to raise prices for their goods, a factor that commands investor loyalty.
  3. Finally, the best stock ideas might be right in front of you, according to Charles, who bought Burlington Stores after his mom introduced him to the store. “It’s a stock I loved, because my mom took me there,” he says.

You’ll learn a lot by tuning into this one! Enjoy my conversation with Charles Payne!

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