Want to compare healthcare prices and shop around for the best deal? Dr. Jeff Rice, the founder of HealthcareBluebook.com, has your back. His website helps you find identify a fair price for procedures, tests and routine care in your area. He started the service after pricing a foot surgery for his own son. He was quoted a price of $37,000 by one institution and $1,500 by another. Infuriated, he set about demystifying a system in which prices routinely range tenfold for the same level of care and quality.

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Here are the takeaways:

#1) As many as two-thirds of patients aren’t given a fair price on care, but unfortunately they never know they are overpriced because they never shop around.

#2) It’s critical if you are going to protest a price or negotiate for a lower one, that you approach the hospital or provider before your care is given. It’s possible to have that negotiation later, but more difficult, he says.

#3) Go to the hospital or care provider’s finance department to negotiate. Most hospitals have a system in place to explain bills and negotiate discounts.

Dr. Jeff will give you the confidence you need to hold healthcare providers feet to the fire when it comes to prices.

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