The message they may be sending with their Valentine's Day flowers.

FOX's Ashley Papa has more:

The flowers you give or receive on Valentine's Day can say a lot about your relationship. Robert Cottone, founder of the lifestyle company, RC INC, says every flower has an underlying meaning.

Nothing says "I love you" better than red roses... But what about lavender roses?:

(Cottone) "If you knew your significant other was "the one" the first time your laid eyes on him/her, lavender roses should be incorporated in your Valentine's Day bouquet. These express love at first sight and enchantment."

Orchids symbolize strength, and beauty--perfect for the elegant woman in your life. Then, there are calla lilies:

(Cottone) "Known to symbolize faithfulness and true devotion this flower will show your lover that you're in it for the long haul. The white variety is known to mean purity while purple represents passion and admiration."

Cottone says pink carnations are associated with a mother's love.

And last:

(Cottone) "Yellow chrysanthemums-if you have been lusting over someone from afar, these flowers send the message that the recipient has a secret admirer!"

If you receive a big bouquet of all the above, then it's clear the message is "you are my world"!

With FOX on Love this Valentines Day, I'm Ashley Papa.

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