Friday was Memo Day.

Fox News Judicial analyst Judge Napolitano joined Tom Shillue hours after President Trump made the Nunes-GOP memo public.

While Napolitano began by telling Tom both Republicans and Democrats "over sold" the memo, he did believe the controversial document highlighted the dangers of the 'secret' FISA court and problems with the government's conduct during the investigation of the Trump campaign.

Napolitano was troubled that the memo suggests that lawyers arguing on behalf of the government may have omitted vital information to get a surveillance warrant on an American.

The Nunes memo alleges that the FISA court was not told that the now infamous Dossier, which was used to justify spying on Trump campaign officials like Carter Page, was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Judge disputed pundits who claimed the FISA court has a threshold when it comes to allowing surveillance. Napolitano called the court a "rubber stamp".

Napolitano did disappoint Tom Shillue however when he said the memo probably wouldn't impact the Russian probe-- nor lead to Robert Mueller or Rod Rosenstein getting fired.