“Smart Couples Finish Rich” – How to Manage Money w/ Your Significant Other

Today we’re breaking down couples and money – how to manage money with your significant other. And, I brought in the foremost authority on the topic, David Bach, author of the best selling book, Smart Couples Finish Rich.

Three Takeaways from this episode:

#1) Get the ugly stuff out of the way BEFORE you get married. Share all your financial information, including credit card debt, student loan debt and so on. Do you have a will? Share it with your intended.

#2) Divorce is bad for finances. According to Bach, you lose 10 to 20 percent of your net worth BEFORE you un-hitch, and easily 60% AFTER. He says, ninety percent of millionaires are still married to the first person they fell in love with.

#3) The key to couple stability in retirement: Agree beforehand how you plan to spend your time. Remember, in retirement, you’ll be time affluent! And, Bach says if you’ve been benefitting from the stock market’s run, take advantage of it? You may be ahead of plan!

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Bottom line, I want to hear from you – what money issues do you want to explore? Tell me, and we will get it on the podcast. Have a great day and remember, Rich is NOT A Four Letter Word!

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