The Battle For The Frozen Chosin

It’s been called The Forgotten War. Many in this country remember Korea as the setting for the film and television comedy series M.A.S.H. But for the 18 million who fought there, there was nothing funny about it.

In this podcast, we bring you the story of the battle of the Chosin Reservoir – The Frozen Chosin – one of the coldest battles since Napoleon set foot in Russia.

This is a story of exceptional bravery and courage above and beyond the call of duty. An epic tale of endurance and perseverance, not just by a small handful of troops, but by the thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, including some British commandos.

These are the people who made up the X Corps in Korea during that terrible winter of 1950.

Join us for the unforgettable story of true heroism as War Stories brings you The Battle for the Frozen Chosin.