After two years of Operation Inherent Resolve, ISIS still holds Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city–terrorizing, murdering and enslaving its 1.5 million citizens into the hell of the Islamic State.  Lt. Col. Oliver North and the “War Stories” team travel to the frontlines inside Iraq to see how the battle is being fought against a barbaric enemy.

“War Stories” embeds with the Peshmerga–the Kurdish fierce fighting forces–who have had the most success fighting ISIS in Iraq.  Cameras are rolling when we take you inside a gun battle with ISIS that rages on the outskirts of Mosul as citizens flee the city. And see the humanitarian efforts as NGOs or non-governmental organizations hand out much needed food and water to the refugees under siege. We take you to the trenches in the Iraqi independent province of Kurdistan where they have literally dug into the ground to keep ISIS fighters from moving in.

You’ll also hear the stories from the victims of ISIS rescued from Mosul.

In addition, this FOX News special explores the challenges facing the new administration after President Elect Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.  Is the Battle for Mosul and liberating Iraq from this ISIS stronghold also setting the stage for new borders—perhaps a new country—Kurdistan?

This “War Stories” special marks the 102nd episode of this acclaimed FOX News series.