Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin joined The Tom Shillue Show Friday to kick off Veteran's Day Weekend.

Tom Shillue asked Shulkin about a list of issues impacting vets including homelessness, health care and more.

When it came to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,, Tom Shillue asked Sec. Shulkin about claims that medical marijuana would help veterans who are coping with PTSD. Sec. Shulkin, who is also a doctor, said he would be willing to change the V.A.'s medical marijuana policy -- which currently makes it illegal for vets to get prescribed pot at a V.A. facility -- if studies are conclusive that it would will actually help vets with PTSD or other health conditions.

Shulkin also weighed in on Bowe Bergdahl's controversial sentence and reports of his own rocky relationship with his boss, President Donald Trump.