A tribute to one of gaming's icon's found in Nintendo's newest console, and an accident gives gamers something they have asked for.

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A copy of the original NES Golf in all of its eight bit glory has been found on the Nintendo Switch.

Before the game is accessible, players have to use the controllers to make an up and down motion of former head of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata's sign off from the companies news conferences on July 11th of any year.

(Nintendo Direct)

This seems to be a tribute to Iwata-san. He died at the age of 55 on July 11th, 2015.

Game Developers Conference is posting his GDC keynotes in full onto YouTube. This keynote, held in 2005, is entitled Heart of a Gamer.
Survival monster hunting game 'Fortnite' made a bit of a mistake saying a 'configuration issue'
allowed players of both the Microsoft X-Box-one X and Sony Playstation Four platforms to be able to play with and against each other.

This is a feature that's been pushed by X-Box boss Phil Spencer for awhile who made deals that allow PC, and Nintendo to join Microsoft's current players.
Sony has been hesitant to agree to crossplay.
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