Senator Ron Johnson (R- WI) spoke with Brian Kilmeade to breakdown the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson (GCHJ) healthcare proposal that would repeal and replace Obamacare and allow states to manage healthcare spending rather than the federal government. Johnson also stressed that if republicans do not get on board and pass this bill, Obamacare will be the law forever. Johnson also spoke about why he is supportive of President Trump working with democrats on DACA and how his top priority as the Chairman of Homeland Security Committee remains securing the border and insisting we build the wall.

Plus, Johnson on the latest threat from North Korea and tax reform.

Listen here:

Senator Johnson on the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson proposal being the last chance to repeal and replace Obamacare

(Johnson) We have to vote this before September 30th but I'm really encouraged. Lindsey Graham did a great job at lunch yesterday, I think Mitch McConnell is encouraged by this, we got to get a CBO score, I'm encouraged, I'm jazzed, I'm talking to conservative members in both the house and the senate. This is the alternative, anybody who doesn't think this is good enough, understand if we don't do this it is Obamacare and that is codified forever. This is this is so much better alternative, this puts power in the hands of individuals and states rather than federal government.

Senator Johnson on President Trump working with democrat leadership

(Johnson) well I come from the business world as does Present Trump in the business world you tenaciously try and find areas of agreement, in the political realm people exploit differences so I'm completely supportive of President Trump trying to find agreement with republicans and democrats that's a good thing. For all my conservative friends who are concerned about border security, that's my top priority. You know I am Chairman of Homeland Security, we have to secure our borders, and any bill is going to have to go through the republican house and the republican senate. We will have input, we will insist on a commitment to secure the border that's what this president ran on. I've always viewed the wall as a metaphor for that commitment to secure the border but at the same time I really do believe the dreamers, kids that were brought in this country through no fault of their own, they are serving in the military, we should treat those individuals with real humanity I think we've got a real good chance to do good deal here.

Senator Johnson on North Korea

(Johnson) First of all we are getting Russian and China to sign on to ever increasing sanctions against North Korea and my guess is we will ratchet them up again. We have put them on notice, the President, Secretary Mattis has and we have the firepower to destroy your nation if you attack us. You know this fat little kid, this crazy kid is fighting with nuclear or playing with nuclear fire here shooting missiles over Japan, I mean we've got to keep ratcheting up to the sanctions, we've got to rely on China to actually impose those sanctions and honor them but we've also got to build up our own missile defense system and we're doing that we are installing more of them in South Korea, we have not spent enough on missile defense we need to start doing so.

Senator Johnson on how President Obama hollowed out our military defenses and it being up to President Trump to rebuild our defenses.

(Johnson) He (President Obama) hollowed out our military and of course President Trump will have to build it up just like Bush had to build up just like Reagan had to build it up. That's a problem with democrat presidents, they hollow out or military but use that spending for increasing entitlements further mortgaging our kids future.