If you're finding yourself constantly single or in bad relationships, you might be a 'delusional dater'.

Matchmaker & CEO of lasting connections, Sameera Sullivan, says delusional daters tend to have unrealistic expectations particularly when it comes to a date's looks and age:

(Sullivan) "If you're not the fittest person, you're decent looking but not that fit, you're looking for someone who is really fit and model quality, that person is going to be totally into your money and not you. That's delusional."

Sullivan says dating apps can contribute to delusional daters feeling like they're actually rejecting someone just by "swiping left".

Also, having that 'grass is always greener' mentality:

(Sullivan) "People don't look deep enough and they just heck someone off the list because it is so easy to go on a dating app and say I can find another person like this. I can go on a dating app and search more."

Sullivan says delusional daters can change their ways if they get confident with themselves and open up to all dating possibilities.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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