You might want to grab that video game controller.

FOX’s Eammonn Dignam reports:

It’s History of Video Games Day. It’s thought the first game ever created is a tic tac toe style game called ‘Bertie the Brain’ for the 1950 Canadian National Exhibition that stood about 13 feet tall in the 70’s and 80’s arcades bustled with the sounds of bells and whistles like this from one of the most famous games…. Pacman.

Home gaming became popular with the Atari, and Coleco consoles before the video game crash of 1983 where it all almost went all belly up.

1986 Nintendo came in and revived the industry making Mario. With access to the internet, most games now can be played with other gamers around the world on P.C. and allowed for eSports, competitive gaming, to become a worldwide phenomenon.

Eammonn Dignam, FOX News.

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