9/12/17 Dave Smith, Michael Malice, Hollie McKay on “Zero Tolerance” Gun Laws, PETA & Bikini Baristas

The third hour of the Tom Shillue Radio Show on FOX News Talk!

Tom lets you know about yet another example of “ZERO TOLERENCE” school policies unfairly punishing our kids! Are these tough rules against pocket knives intended to keep kids safe? Comedian Dave Smith and Author Michael Malice say no! They explain “zero tolerance” is intended to ‘normalize’ gun control. Then, Foxnews.com’s Hollie Mckay joins the panel to discuss how PETA sued over a viral Monkey selfied and ruined an innocent photograhpers life! PLUS: Should a city have the right to ban bikini barista– if a scantily clad server is against their community standards? Tom and the gang debate it!

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