A Democratic governor and a Republican governor wrote a letter together urging Congress to take action to stabilize ObamaCare as more insurance companies pull out of the healthcare exchanges.

FOX's Jessica Rosenthal talked to one of the Governors:

Democratic Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper wrote a letter with Ohio Republican governor John Kasich to Congress, urging them to take certain actions to stabilize the individual insurance market.

Hickenlooper says they're asking that President Trump back cost sharing payments to insurance companies to keep costs down for lower income folks:

(Gov. Hickenlooper) "Certainly his rhetoric has been adamant he's going to just eliminate anything to do with the Affordable Care Act, but we also see him to be a pragmatist."

Hickenlooper says people in rural areas who are part of the President's base will be badly impacted if ObamaCare fails. They are also proposing a tax incentive for counties where insurance companies have pulled out leaving little to no exchange coverage and asking that people be allowed to participate in the federal employees healthcare plan.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.

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