FOX's Ashley Dvorkin talks to country singer Brett Eldredge about his latest album and he has some unexpected surprises for his fans. That's in today's "FOX Celebrity Profile."

Country singer Brett Eldredge released his self-titled third album and hopes with songs that range from the romantic like 'Love Someone' to the fun fast-paced 'Something I'm Good At' to surprise fans:

(Eldredge) "I knew that no one was going to expect me to put out a song like 'Something I'm Good At' because it was totally different, but it was my personality and I wanted to get that part of my story out there."

The tune has also proven to be a great challenge: 

(Eldredge) "I started looking forward to singing it like that because then it was like okay, I've got to hit every word. Now it's like I can say the words 10 times faster than what the actual recording is cause it's like a challenge, I love that challenge."

Eldredge brings the new music on the road with Luke Bryan, where they take the title of their tour seriously:

(Eldredge) "The tour is called 'Hunting, Fishing, Loving Every Day,' so I mean he eats sleeps and breathes that stuff. And so do I, so it's cool. We've been fishing together and we're always talking about our next trip and stuff like that."

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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