On Wednesday, a report came out that the Justice Department is looking to take on affirmative action policies in colleges and universities. Although this news sparked backlash by many in the media, Tom Shillue does not have a problem with reforming affirmative action.

Tom wondered why we still need affirmative action programs, even if they are about diversity as opposed to racial quotas. He said it really does not matter whether or not college campuses or diverse. Tom pointed out that there is not actually as much diversity on these campuses as they seem to advertise. While it is true that there are plenty of different races represented at the many colleges and universities across the country, diversity of thought and opinion does not really exist.

Tom said he does not care about skin color when it comes to selecting applicants. What really matters is whether or not you are good at what you do. Tom cited news media organizations that claim to be diverse can only say this because of skin color. While they may have a racial diverse staff, Shillue argues they still hire people with similar backgrounds and beliefs!

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