Nothing is getting done in Congress and folks are quick to blame the Democrats or the Republicans.

But what if it’s the parties, but the party system that’s to blame?

With many people growing tired of the standard two-party system in the United States, some are proposing that we do away with it altogether. Tom Shillue has a different idea: form a new party that can take followers away from both the Democrats and the Republicans.

During The Tom Shillue Show on Monday, Tom discussed recent comments made by Representative Justin Amash about getting rid of the two-party system. Tom agreed with Amash, saying that the this system is probably not sustainable going forward because both parties are becoming smaller.

Tom thought that forming a third party seemed like a logical solution to this issue. He talked about what his ideal third party would look like. In Tom’s view, the taxpayers’ money would be much better off going to localities rather than the federal government. This would be one of the main platforms of his party.

To hear what Tom’s party would look like, click the link below.