During The Tom Shillue Show on Thursday, blogger and Foxnews.com contributor Stephen Miller stopped by to talk with Tom about the time he became a social justice superhero and crashed a screening of a comic book movie!

Earlier this year, the internet went in a tizzy when Alamo Drafthouse announced they would have a women-only screening of Wonder Woman. The promotional stunt created a firestorm and the internet was quick to point out that the left wouldn’t be very happy if a business decided to exclude women or any other group. But than that blacklash had it’s own blacklash, and it became “a whole thing” for a few days.

At the center of “that thing” was Stephen Miller.

As Miller told Tom on Thursday’s show, he decided he needed to swoop in and take action. The writer felt the all-women showing was essentially an illegal promotion by the movie theater chain. So as any hero would, Miller decided to buy a ticket and decided he was crash the event.

However, Stephen’s adventure didn’t stop there. Miller soon found himself confronted by adversary: a left-leaning comedy show looking to make a fool of him.

Shortly After Stephen bought his ticket and went ‘viral’, he was contacted by a staffer from The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. Miller told Tom that he was sent an email where the staffer tried to play it off like The Daily Show was interested in gender discrimination at the screening, and said that the show wanted to interview him about his plans to attend.

However, Stephen, sensing trouble– because he watched the show, didn’t take the bait.

Instead, our hero took a screenshot of the Daily Show staffers’ email and tweeted it out. He captioned the tweet, “Pass”:

Comedy Central show wasn’t too pleased, Stephen told Tom.

To hear the full story of Miller’s experience at the all-female viewing of Wonder Woman and he how thwarted an attempted to be mocked by the Daily Show, click above.