On Wednesday, President Trump ignited another media frenzy when he tweeted his decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military in any capacity. Chris Stirewalt told Tom Shillue that the goal of this sudden announcement was to get conservatives off his back.

During The Tom Shillue Show on Wednesday, Tom was joined by Fox News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt. Tom asked Chris what he thought about President Trump’s most recent announcement. Chris said that he thinks the announcement had two goals: to give a nod to his base and to create a diversion.

According to Chris, President Trump is trying to appease his base because they are not happy with how he has been treating Attorney General Jeff Sessions lately. President Trump is upset that Sessions decided to recuse himself from the investigation regarding possible collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia. Sessions is very popular among conservatives, so Trump has angered them by going after him.

Chris does not think that President Trump will stop attacking Sessions. Ultimately, he wants to end the investigation into his 2016 Presidential Campaign. By tweeting about banning transgender people from the military, Trump is creating a diversion and is scoring points with his base at the same time.

Chris does not believe that the tweets were disingenuous. Rather, he thinks that President Trump also had other goals when deciding the timing of this announcement.

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