Michael Irvin Cleared of Sexual Assault Charges

(AP Photo/Ron Jenkins, File)

No charges for a former NFL star after a sexual assault investigation.

FOX’s Paul Stevens reports:

NFL Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irivin will not face charges of sexual battery after a 27-year-old woman accused the former Dallas Cowboys star of drugging and sexually assaulting her at hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last March.

Broward state attorney’s officials saying there’s insufficient evidence to file charges and that they’d have had a difficult time getting a conviction.

Irvin denying all charges, insisting that the accuser is a 10-year platonic friend:

(Irvin) “I’ve known this person for almost 10 years, for almost 10 years. You think that someone you know who hung out with my family, I thought I could trust this person.”

Irvin saying the person who used his hotel room on the night in question to get some rest.

Paul Stevens, FOX News.