A small fortune paid for a collectible video game at an auction and an iconic gaming character looks to be getting the big screen treatment.

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An ultra-rare NES cartridge sold for over $40,000 at an auction, so check your attics. Once upon a time there was a limited release for 1987's Track and Field game 'Stadium Events' that caused few gamers to get their hands on it. The game had been re-released with a much more widely available name 'World Class Track Meet,' but that title isn't worth nearly as much.

(Pat Contri, gaming journalist collector and host of 'CU Podcast' says there aren't that many pristine copies of the game floating around.)

And in the latest 8-bit to I-Max transition...

'Mega Man' is looking to be the next high profile character to make it to the big screen.
The Capcom story involves the blue clad robot fighting tons of other robots under the control of the insidious Dr. Wily. The makers of the documentary, 'Catfish' are set to write and direct. Henry Joost, and Ariel Schulman are slated to direct...

Masi Oka of 'Heroes' fame:

And Chernin Entertainment will produce the movie for FOX.
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