This week's 'America's Talking' is all about emoji's!

The laughing one, the crying from laughing... Just because I like to laugh a lot!

The one with the rolling eyes, I don't know it's cute... you can use it for anything... The one with sunglasses because it means cool.

I like the one with the straight lip, I don't know why, it's just everything... and I do it when I write.

Well I kind of like the dog because I'd like to get a dog... The smiley face blushing, it just makes me happy.

My favorite emoji is the purple demon one because it makes it you look like your tough... I like the one with the sunglasses because it makes me feel cool when I put it on to my friends.

The 100 because I'm 100... I like the squid emoji because I think it just looks really funny.

The one with the two heart eyes... I like the thinking emoji because it's like you're thinking.

My favorite emoji is definitely the face-palm. I say a lot of things that I happened to get embarrassed by, so it ends up with a face-palm.