More problems with airlines. This time a family of five got kicked off a JetBlue flight after arguing with an airline employee.

FOX's Monica Rix has details:

Tamir and Mandy Raanan were asked to leave a flight from Fort Lauderdale to New York earlier this month with their three young daughters after another passenger complained the youngest girl was kicking her seat:

(Raanan) "Where do you want me to go?" // (Manager) "We just need to have a discussion outside, that's all." // (Raanan) "I'm not getting off this plane."

Off the plane, the argument escalated with a JetBlue manager:

(Raanan) "You have no reason, you have no reason to kick off a baby who's starving, my three kids, a family off a plane. You have no reason whatsoever."

The Raanan's have threatened legal action after learning they got banned from all future flights with JetBlue. The airline says it's investigating.

Monica Rix, FOX News.

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