In today’s hostile political climate, it seems as though there are not many things that can bring us together as a society. According to Craig Shoemaker, laughter is the one thing that is unifying.

During The Tom Shillue Show on Tuesday, Tom was joined by comedian Craig Shoemaker. The two reminisced about the days when Tom used to open for Craig, and how things have changed over the years.

Even though Craig once met President Trump, he said that he does not like to talk about him in his act. Because of how divided our country currently is over politics, Craig will not mention a politician while he is on stage. He thinks that it’s best for comedians to stay out of politics, so as to not alienate members of their audience.

Shoemaker says audiences have become too sensitive and can no longer take a joke about a politician or an issue they care about. And Craig is not alone, comics have been complaining that comedy club crowds have become too political correct! However, Tom doesn’t like to use that term, instead he says our country is suffering from “societal correctness”. According to Craig, we’re all becoming thin-skinned about everything nowadays and its has nothing to do with the right and left.

Tom and Craig talked about how there are boundaries, but people are always moving those boundaries. This is why are society has become so sensitive.

The two also discussed the two-party system. Craig said that it is very myopic for our country to be divided into two parties. This system has contributed to our country becoming divided. In the days of our Founding Fathers, they also had disagreements. As Tom pointed out though, they still broke bread afterwards. It’s not that often that you see politicians with opposing views do this today.

Craig also spent time talking about his organization, Laughter Heals. The organizations aims to use laughter as a way to help heal people with terminal illnesses. To find out more, visit

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